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My favourite place on earth

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Another pic from last year. I have yet to get into a habit of taking photos regularly with my proper camera. Everything’s on mobile phones these days. I have been taking photos on it daily which I upload to Instagram but somehow it doesn’t feel the same. At least it’s getting me looking…

From last year

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Oops, nearly 2 years!

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Oh dear. I haven’t updated this post in a long time. I haven’t done a great deal of photography lately, and when I have, it’s been for specific trips not generally from day to day. Perhaps I should do another photo-a-day project. I’m currently doing the #augustbreak2019 on Instagram but I need something that inspires me. I read about a book called “Shooting with Soul…” and this is what I need to get me going again. It’s not at my library but I can get it through interloan.

And then there’s this – another photo-a-day prompt. Perhaps I’ll do it for the summer – January. I may not follow it exactly this time (unlike the above) but it will be a guide – get me moving and looking.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a photo taken last month,


from my recent trip to the Cook Islands. There were dogs everywhere and it made me realise so deeply how I miss having a dog. One day perhaps, when circumstances permit.

Crimson rosella

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Swamp hen in rain

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Juvenile Pacific gull

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Rainbow lorikeet

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