Reflecting on the 365 day challenge

Well, I did it!   I achieved my goal of taking a photo every day for one year.  It was definitely a challenge.   Thank you to all my followers!  I was delighted to find that others were interested in enough in my blog to watch for updates.  Thanks especially to those who ‘liked’ so many of my photos.  It encouraged me to continue.

Obviously I took a camera with me wherever I went.  For the vast majority of the time this was to work and back and many weekends were spent at home, so there was nothing really inspiring to work with, as I saw the same things day after day.  By necessity, often the only time I could take photos was during my lunch hour at work, which meant taking photos at the same time of day.  This taught me to look more closely at everything around me, noticing details, patterns, the way the light shone on an object. etc.  I had no idea what I’d be taking photos of from one day to the next.

There were many beautiful scenes that I wish I could’ve taken but these were often viewed from the road and I was unable to stop.  Some of those scenes are imprinted on my brain instead of a memory card.

One good piece of advice I read regarding this challenge, was to take a photo first thing in the morning if possible.  That way, you’ve got something to fall back on if there are no further opportunities during the day.  This was easier said than done, especially when you’re running late for work.

On some days I easily took over 200 photos and it was very difficult to choose just one for the blog.  I tried to go for the most interesting.  On other days I struggled to take just one photo (as was the case yesterday), or tried to pick the best from a bad lot.

I do recommend this challenge for anyone wanting to improve their photography (people have told me my photography has improved, but I’m not sure).  For most of the challenge I just used a point-and-shoot camera.  The first two or three months are the most difficult until you get into a ‘routine’ of looking around at everything and just shooting.  I soon discovered that if in doubt, take the photo, as often you can’t go back to shoot it again another time.

I won’t embark on another 365 days just yet (if at all).  That doesn’t mean I will stop taking photos, but it’ll be nice to relax and not have that feeling that I have to upload something every day.

That leaves me with a blog that will fall into disuse.  I could continue this blog for photography, altering the title of it slightly.  Perhaps I could take one photo a week, or upload a few photos at once.  Maybe I can try themes.  Ideas or suggestions welcome!

Thanks again, and watch this space…!


~ by krudyard on 1 April 2013.

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